Create super inventive, high-quality, East Mediterranean cuisine that inspires passion and wonderment in every bite in order to help fund non-profit organizations that we are passionate about. Eat Good. Do Good. Change the world.

We wanted super inventive, high quality, insanely delicious natural foods inspired by the international flavors we love — and we wanted it from a company that is dedicated to changing the world. When we couldn’t find what we were looking for we decided to create it ourselves. Eat Good Do Good manufactures gourmet natural food products and is dedicated to popularizing East Mediterranean cuisine.

We were founded on the belief that the social enterprise business model is the future for all companies looking to make a meaningful connection with their communities and their consumers. We believe the non-profits we support and love should be able to spend more time operating their valuable core programs than fundraising, and that is why over 25% of our profits go to organizations that are actively engaged in social change.

We aspire to become active, responsible, corporate citizens, not just with our money, but with our time. We encourage our employees and fans to get involved with organizations that they are passionate about…and we’re hoping you’ll join us too.


John grew up in NYC to a family of restaurateurs and food service providers. He was a front-of-the-house kid that happened to have the gift of gusto in the kitchen…

John Sorial, Dreamer, Founder, grew up in NYC to an immigrant family of foodservice and restaurant entrepreneurs. Influenced by his family’s international cuisine, John became inspired by how amazing food could delight people no matter their background.

John eventually went on to receive a degree in Chemical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. Problem was he never wanted to be an engineer, John just happened to be wicked good at problem solving. So after several years as a chemical engineer and later as a marketing executive, John figured he had fulfilled his duty to his immigrant parents to work in a respectable field, and decided it was time for a change.

As he started climbing the proverbial corporate ladder, a funny thing happened – John realized that his career needed to mean something more. What followed was a series of all too coincidental events which lead him to the non-profit sector. Gone were the million dollar budgets, staff, and resources at his disposal, it was just him, and he was determined to make the best impact in people’s lives. It is also what helps shape the foundation of Eat Good Do Good to this day.

You see, making an impact is what we aspire to do because we are crazy about two things, 1) food that brings wonderment to people, and 2) nonprofit organizations that are dedicated to social change. Marrying the two is the singular reason Eat Good Do Good was created. Our company is built from the ground up around this core vision – grow a thriving business to help fund organizations that we are passionate about. It’s built into our company’s DNA, so In the end, it’s pretty simple:

1) Create innovative, delectable food that never compromises on quality.
2) Put your money where your heart is – Over 25% of our profits go to organizations that are actively engaged in social change.
3) Active and passionate employees serving their community leads to an active and passionate company our customers love.


Our inspiration, like for many others, comes from different places; but for us it comes from:


Our Family

For us, food brought us together every night and those recipes are the basis for most of our dishes. We strive to put that same love we received at every meal into the food that we make for you.



From an early age, we were instilled with a sense of greater purpose, that we were meant for something more. Eat Good Do Good, LLC was founded on those same principles.



“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” ― Mahatma Gandhi