Full fridge but nothing to eat?

Your search for flavor ends with Tadah.

Sometimes you open the fridge for the fifth time in a row and find yourself staring into the abyss of your fully stocked shelves. You’re not bored, you’re just tired of eating boring food. Is ‘edible’ where we set the bar now? What happened to enjoying your food? Not to be dramatic, but if you have to eat another no-name brand salad kit again, you might lose whatever ounce of self-respect you have left in your body. So why not fill your body with whole foods and quality ingredients that send your tastebuds to a land of yummy goodness? Tadah is the convenient and tasty falafel street wrap you’ve been searching for.

Tadah! Founder, John


I love their products! Great quality! Amazing flavors!!!Thank you Tadah Foods for creating your delicious and healthy wraps!

Uriel Felipe Munar - Miami, FL.

I just tried a Falafel Street Wrap (Feta Green Pepper).It was better than many restaurant wraps. So delicious!

Joanne Yildirim - Los Angeles, CA

So yummy, and flavorful! I was pleasantly surprised by how good a frozen food item can be!

Sharon Ferrara Kiefer - Detroit, MI

A Fresh Look at an Ancient Food

Get your taste buds ready to be transported to the East Mediterranean where this famous dish and its variety of flavors can be traced back thousands of years.

Lemon Garlic Hummus

Traditional homemade hummus is velvety smooth with a flavor and mouthfeel that you can’t resist. Our scratch-made hummus doesn’t hide its bright lemon and garlic flavors because no one wants another ho-hum hummus.

Caramelized Harissa

Beautiful caramelized onions provide the perfect amount of savory sweetness to balance out our fiery North African harissa. Add a dollop of rich creamy lebni and you have wrap that hits all the right flavor notes.

Garden Veggie Feta

Our take on a traditional middle eastern mezze found in homes and restaurants across the region. Crumbly feta cheese, sweet-tangy tomatoes, and crunchy bell peppers. The freshness of this original flavor will blow you away.

Spiced-Sweet Harissa

We took our scratch made hummus and kicked it up a notch with our fiery harissa. Not wanting things to get too spicy, we added a little brown sugar to round out this hummus heat. This is hummus with a sweet heat that can’t be beat.
"This feels really fresh like it was made a minute ago." - Daniel Lubetzky
"Even if you’re far away from your favorite falafel stand, you can get your fix in a matter of minutes.” - Brian Kateman
“Over 25% of the business’s profits go to organizations that are actively engaged in social change” - S.M. Walsh
“TaDah Foods falafel wraps turn the street food into a microwavable, handheld package. High-protein chickpeas and flavorful spices make for such a filling, satisfying meal that you won’t miss the meat.” - Kelsey Rae Dimberg”

High Quality Ingredients

Not to brag, but we don’t take shortcuts. We bring dried chickpeas and soak them ourselves so that we can make our falafels and hummus fresh in-house. We don’t cut corners, we cut fresh ingredients.

100% Taste-Based Plant Protein

At 7.5 oz our wraps are the largest in the land. With 13-16g of plant-based protein per serving plus 11g of fiber, our falafels will keep you feeling full and satisfied for longer. You won’t need another wrap – you’ll want another wrap. Take that you puny snack wraps.

Featured in Eat This, Not That

"This product is rich in fiber and fully plant-based, while being made from whole food ingredients. Rich in fiber, protein, and healthy fat, it will keep you satisfied as a meal and give you all the decadent flavors you crave when dining out!" - Amy Shapiro MS, RD, CDN