Why Tadah?

Sometimes you open the fridge for the fifth time in a row and find yourself staring into the abyss of your fully stocked shelves. You’re not bored, you’re just tired of eating boring food. Is ‘edible’ where we set the bar now? What happened to enjoying your food? Not to be dramatic, but if you have to eat another no-name brand salad kit again, you might finally lose your mind. So why not fill your body with whole foods and quality ingredients that send your tastebuds to a land of yummy goodness? Tadah is the convenient and tasty falafel street wrap you’ve been searching for.

Tadah! Founder, John

Our Story

Please only read this while listening to “The Arms of an Angel”

Hello there, fellow chickpea enthusiasts. If you’re reading this, congratulations, that means you have good taste.

We’re going to tell you a story now, about a boy with a dream.

Actually this story is about a fully grown man – our founder and little dreamer, John Sorial.

You see, John grew up in a place called NYC (you might have heard of it) to an immigrant family of foodservice and restaurant entrepreneurs. Influenced by his family’s international cuisine, John became inspired by how amazing food could delight people no matter their background. Then John grew up and went to earn a Chemical Engineering degree from Johns Hopkins University –now you might be thinking, this makes no sense at all, and that it came out of nowhere.You are exactly right, we’ll just chalk that up to his immigrant parents’ high expectations (IYKYK). So let’s fast forward from this little road bump.

After a little while, a funny thing happened – John realized that his place in the world, his career needed to mean something more (yes cliché, we know). John was determined to make a positive impact in people’s lives…

…through falafels. Now that might sound crazy… because it is. But also, you can’t judge until you try one of these falafels. These are life-changing falafels. We’re not falafoolin around. (We’re foodies not comedians, be kind).

In all seriousness, John wanted to change the way people experience food, from all walks of life. He wanted to create healthy, flavorful, convenient, Mediterranean cuisine. He wanted to change the way we think about frozen food. He wanted to give someone a falafel wrap, watch them take a bite, pick them up by their collar and say, “ARE YOUR TASTEBUDS, NOT ENTERTAINED?!”

Because, what’s food without (a lot of) flavor?

The answer is blah.

Don’t eat blah, eat Tadah!

Moments that make you say


I really liked this falafel wrap! It is really flavorful and filling, and I love the harissa. I will definitely buy this product again.

When you tell your boyfriend to pick the restaurant and the answer isn’t what you want. Make better choices. (In food, but also in boyfriends)