Sweet-Spicy Harissa & Lebni
Sweet-Spicy Harissa & Lebni

Sweet-Spicy Harissa & Lebni

Falafel Street Wrap w/Sweet-Spicy Harissa Hummus

It all starts with our delicious falafel, which is an amazingly savory blend of chickpeas, fresh herbs, and aromatic spices. The falafel is smothered wit our exclusive sweet-n-spicy harissa and lebni.
Caramelized onions provide a little sweetness upfront, the harissa gives it a little heat, and the flavors are rounded off perfectly with a smooth creamy finish of lebni. Everything is hand-rolled with a soft chewy whole-wheat tortilla. A convenient handheld meal that is ready to heat and eat any time of day.

Key Ingredients

The Mighty Chickpea has grown in Middle Eastern countries for thousands of years, and for good reason: chickpeas have a slightly nutty, satisfying flavor; are high in protein; and are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. The combination of protein and fiber work together to slow digestion, which helps keep you feeling full longer.

Onions are chock-full of antioxidants, including anti-inflammatory quercetin. They are also loaded with prebiotic fiber inulin.

Caramelized onions add a rich, sweet, savory flavor that instantly makes anything taste better. Like everything else, it’s made from scratch in-house.

Harissa is a fiery North African spice paste with flavor in spades. It’s made with tomatoes, hot peppers, garlic, lemon juice and six different aromatic spices. But don’t worry, we always balance it out with sweeter ingredients so that all you get is a smooth heat flavor note.

Lebni is an East Mediterranean strained yogurt that is creamier than its greek yogurt counterpart. It’s lower in fat, has more protein than other yogurts, and is loaded with probiotics.